Thank you for considering Frank's Ice! Supplying hand crafted ice sculptures to hotels, caterers, conventions, and private parties for the past 20 years. Supplying bar quality ice for all your needs. Our ice sculptures make great center pieces for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, ... Read more
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For elegant and functional ice carvings, logos and luges turn to Frank's Ice Service. Providing Ice carvings in the surrounding Philadelphia, Bensalem, and South Jersey area.


Mission Statement

Ensuring exceptional workmanship on all designs and a timely delivery to your event is our number one goal.
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Meet your ice carver

Frank has been in the ice business for most of his life, growing up in his family business. He got his start delivering packaged bag ice to stores, hotels, restaurants catering halls, and carving ice to carvers. Watching ice carvers at a young age sculpting things out of ice and seeing how cool it was he got interested in trying it out. So he started out by practicing on blocks of ice with chisels and power tools. After years of honing his carving skills, with the quality of the sculptures improving he later decided to open his own business. So in 1993 he opened his business offering ice sculptures. Now entering his 24th year in the ice carving business he has produced quality ice sculptures to many clients including Caters, hotels, country clubs and private venues across the greater Philadelphia area. He continues to push to new limits of creation with each new project.
Start your search today here at our site to see what we create on a weekly basis. Then be sure to view our FAQ page where we answer the most common questions people may have about ice carvings. For caterers, hotels, event planners, or country clubs we offer discounted pricing of ice sculptures for freezer drop-off. And for private events we provide pricing to get you the best value for your carving needs. So be sure to view our ice carving gallery frequently to see our creations we made for our clients and what is new.
Ice sculptures are displayed at events for:
  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Conventions
  • Photography/Movie/commercials

Our ice carving service

At Frank's Ice Service, we create elegant ice sculptures for your special occasion. Ice carvings add an extra element to enhance a wedding or anniversary. Or make your company logo stand out at your next corporate event. They are designed to grab your attention when you first enter a room and are a fun topic to discuss during your event. They are also functional. Ice sculptures can be used to display food such as seafood, caviar or even dispense the beverage of your choice as a Martini luge. We also have bag ice available for your events needs. Contact us today for your next event from our catalog of custom artistic designs. We currently provide service in the surrounding Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks county, and South Jersey area.
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Our Ice Sculptures

Our ice sculptures are carved at our facility in a temperature controlled environment and made from the industry standard 300_pound crystal clear carving blocks. Our sculptures are hand carved using a combination of power tools (chainsaws, routers) and hand (chisels) tools to get the look and style of the sculpture. This gives each sculpture has its own uniqueness. We also have the ability to freeze things in ice such as flowers, pictures and logos.

Delivery Information

Our ice carvings are carefully wrapped and secured for transport and are delivered from are refrigerated trucks to ensure your carvings don't melt or lose any detail. The delivery service includes complete setup if needed or freezer drop off. Most setups are done 1 to 2 hours before an event begins to ensure it makes the impact presentation you want. We have Clear Trays of different sizes available to set the carvings in to maximize the space on the table for other decorations. We also have special lighting options available to add a tint to elegantly display you're carving.


Prices are determined by the complexity of the project, how many blocks are used in completing it, and the distance traveled to the location, as well as if it's a set up or freezer drop off.
We offer competitive pricing for Caterers, Hotels, Event planners, and Country Clubs who are looking to provide their clients with stunning ice carvings at their venues. With this service we offer set up prices and freezer drop off prices for multiple carvings to your location. We also have emergency ice delivery service with enough notice. Call to speak with a member today and ask about our available packages to get you the best value for your venue.

Contact us today at (215) 741-2025 to speak with a carver about your Ice Sculpture ideas.