Frequently asked questions about ice carvings in Philadelphia, PA

How long do ice carvings last during an event?

Size of the sculpture, temperature and whether it is an indoor/outdoor event all play a very important role. If it is an outdoor event, a carving should not be in direct sunlight as the UV rays will fracture the ice turning it white. It is recommended to display the carving under a tent. Each carving is made to last the duration of the event based on the client's needs. On the average, a standard indoor sculpture holds its shape and detail approximately 4–8 hours for an event.

What type of ice do you use for carving ice?

We use the industry standard carving block (Clinebell) - 300 lb crystal clear, 40"H/20"L/12"W. This is the size of a typical standard carving. The overall dimensions change when multiple blocks are used to complete it. A standard single block carving weighs approximately 175-200 lbs, so it is important to have the table it sits on rated for the weight plus whatever else is going to be displayed along with it.

How long does it take to make a carving?

The length of time a carving takes to make depends on size and complexity of the design. A typical standard design takes from 1–2 hours to fully complete. A multiple block carving can vary from 4-8 hours to complete.

How do you keep the carvings from melting after you make them?

Our carvings are produced at our facility. When completed, they are put in our freezers to store them until delivery day. To transport them, we have refrigerated trucks with lift gates to get them to their destination at the agreed upon time.

On day of delivery, what is the best time I should schedule the delivery?

The optimum time for a sculpture to be delivered, set up, and ready to go is typically 1 hour before the event starts. The reason for this is the carving needs some time to adjust to the events' temperature conditions. time it takes to set up a carving is typically about 20 minutes.

What do you use to display the carving and keep it from melting on the table?

We have different sizes of trays available depending on the size of the sculpture and the space on the table it is to be displayed on. The trays are made of good grade plastic and are clear to resemble glass. The tray is designed to contain the water from meltage and has a tube to direct the water to a container under the table. We also have lighting options available if you want that carving to stand out more.

Where is a great place to display a carving?

Ice sculptures can be placed in any room of an event. Typically they are in the first room that you enter where guests first meet, where a cocktail reception may be, or they can be displayed in the dining areas where they can be viewed. Some are designed for the center of a room so they can be viewed from different angles or up against a wall. Or if it's a functional carving like a seafood display, they can be set up at a food buffet station.

How far in advance can I place an order for delivery?

For standard size carvings, we appreciate 2–4 weeks in advance. But if there is a last minute function, feel free to ask about availability. For a large or custom carving that involves more time to complete, we require 4–6 weeks.

What is the price range for an ice carving?

Currently pricing for standard single block carvings ranges from $250-$400 depending on the complexity and distance to the event's location. Call for a quote on custom, large projects, and multiple carvings.

How do I order a ice sculpture?

When contacting us, first give an explanation of time, date and place of your event. This process is to check and make sure we can accommodate the location and also if we have the date open on our schedule, as some dates may be filled up. Next, give an explanation of what type of function you are having and the length of the event. If you have a certain ice sculpture already in mind, please give a description of what you are looking for. If you have a picture or sketch of what you want, you can e-mail / fax it to us. Or if you are not quite sure of what you want, we can help you make the right decision for your event by looking at our products on our gallery or a concept we come up with for you. Please follow up with a phone call after emailing to ensure a timely response to your questions or orders.

Additional information

For payment arrangements, we require a 50% deposit to secure the time and date and cost of material, used, and then the remainder of the balance before or upon delivery, or in some cases full payment may be required up front before starting the ice sculpture depending on the complexity of the project.
We accept checks, money orders, or cash for payment. We now accept credit cards online and at point of delivery as a payment option.

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